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logo Hoi An Mountanbike Trails

Heaven & Earth Tours
57 Ngo Quyen
Hoi An - Vietnam

Tel. +84 (0510) 3 864 362

Mob.+84 (0)126 8 422 260


About Hoi An Mountain Bike Explorer


Pascal founder of Heaven and Earth Tours

I have travelled throughout Vietnam since 1994. In 2008, I settled with my family in Hoi An (my wife’s home town) where we established our company, « Heaven and Earth », offering a concept of bicycling tours new to Vietnam, which quickly became a success.

As an avid mountain biker, my favourite past time is to set off on the discovery of new places and to explore the Quang Nam province and its surroundings.



With each of our mountain biking tours our aim is to avoid taking roads as much as possible, and to follow the small paths and trails known only to the locals. This is how I have discovered many incredible, preserved sites, hidden from mass tourism.

This is my passion. I enjoy sharing what I have discovered. « Hoi An Mountain Bike Trails » was born with this in mind!  Now « Hoi An Mountain Bike Trails » enables you to join me on these unusual mountain tours and discover for yourself the authentic Vietnamese wilderness.


Meet me in Hoi An for a unique adventure!